45 Hogan Place, Dublin 2

Ph: 01 5496055

Bookings: info@the-square-ball.com


Opening Times
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 12.00pm- 9.00pm
Wednesday: 12.00pm-9.00pm
Thursday: 12.00pm- 9.00pm
Friday: 12.00pm- 10.00pm
Saturday: 12.00pm- 10.00pm
Sunday: 1.00pm- 8.00pm

The Food
All our food is cooked over natural charcoal and seasoned Irish Oak using our wood fired rotisserie and smokers. We use free range Irish birds where possible and the finest ingredients available. From time to time we may sell out of particular items, or you may have to wait until the next batch of chickens come off the rotisserie. Tender juicy meat is our priority, so grab a drink and watch those birds go ‘round. Hey, that’s BBQ…



Our Chickens 

We use Free Range Irish chickens that live a natural life. They are free to wander around lush green green pastures pecking, grazing, bathing and acting like… chickens!

To get in touch, or book a table email info@the-square-ball.com

About Us?
Fowl Play is owned and run by two of the founders of The Big Grill Festival Andy Noonan (Baste) and Trev O’Shea (Bodytonic). The idea was simple; take the best quality birds we can get our hands on and cook ’em over a wood fire with top-notch sides! We’re passionate about the art of cooking with live fire and smoke- we don’t even have an oven in the kitchen, just a wood-fired rotisserie/grill and a big aul lump of Texas steel (our smoker).

For delivery, check us out on Deliveroo.

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